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Differences – Find and Spot Them is a fun and challenging Android game that tests your observational skills. The goal of the game is to spot all the differences between two seemingly identical images. It’s easy to play, but can be quite tricky as you progress through the levels!

The main menu offers three different modes: Classic Mode, Time Attack Mode, and Zen Mode. In Classic mode, you are presented with two pictures side by side and must find five differences in each level before time runs out. As you progress further into this mode, more difficult levels will appear which require even sharper observation skills. Time Attack mode requires players to complete as many levels as possible within a given amount of time; while Zen mode allows for an unlimited amount of time per level so players can relax without worrying about running out of time or losing points if they make mistakes.

Each image has multiple layers that can be moved around individually allowing users to get closer looks at certain parts of the picture in order to help them identify any discrepancies easier than ever before! Players also have access to hints when needed which reveal one difference on each screen – however these come at a cost so it’s best not rely too heavily on them unless absolutely necessary! Additionally there are daily rewards available for those who log in regularly such as coins used towards unlocking new themes or buying additional hints during gameplay sessions.

Overall Differences – Find and Spot Them provides hours upon hours worth of entertainment with its unique take on classic spot-the-difference games along with plenty incentives like leaderboards and achievements encouraging replayability from start till finish!

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