Dictado de palabras – Primaria

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Dictado de palabras – Primaria is an educational Android app designed to help children develop their spelling and pronunciation skills. The app provides a fun and interactive way for kids to learn how to spell words correctly in Spanish, as well as practice their pronunciation.

The main interface of the Dictado de palabras – Primaria has two sections; one section allows users to listen and repeat the word that they hear, while the other section displays a list of words with accompanying images. Each image corresponds to a particular word, allowing users to associate each picture with its corresponding sound or meaning. As users progress through the levels, more difficult words are introduced which require them use phonetics when repeating them back aloud. This helps build up confidence in speaking out loud by helping students identify what sounds make up each syllable of a given word before attempting it themselves.

In addition, this app also includes several games such as “Word Builder” where players must construct sentences using only provided letters; “Memory Game” which tests user’s memory recall skills; and “Spelling Bee” where players need match spoken words with written ones on-screen within limited time frames . These activities provide an entertaining way for young learners hone their language comprehension abilities whilst having fun at same time!

Overall Dictado de Palabras – Primaria is great tool for introducing primary school aged children into Spanish literacy development without making learning seem like work!

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