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The Dicionário Bíblico app is an Android application that provides users with easy access to a comprehensive dictionary of biblical terms. The app features over 5,000 entries and includes definitions, cross-references, etymologies, and quotes from the Bible. It also offers audio pronunciations for each entry as well as illustrations and maps related to the topic at hand.

The main purpose of this app is to provide users with quick access to relevant information about important topics in Christianity such as salvation history, theology, ethics and more. Additionally, it can be used by anyone interested in learning more about Christian beliefs or those who are studying for exams on religious subjects.

In addition to its dictionary feature set ,the Dicionário Bíblico App also contains several other useful tools including: a search function which allows users to quickly locate specific words; a favorites section where frequently accessed items can be stored; various language options (Portuguese/English); daily devotionals; bible verses of the day ;and even games designed specifically around biblical themes .

Overall ,this free android application makes it easier than ever before for people all over the world gain knowledge regarding Christianity while providing them with an enjoyable experience along the way . Whether you’re looking up unfamiliar terminology or brushing up on your scripture knowledge ,Dicionário Bíblico has something valuable offer everyone!

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