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Dicedom – Merge Puzzle is an exciting and innovative puzzle game for Android users. It combines the classic sliding tile puzzles with a modern twist: merging blocks together to create bigger numbers. The goal of the game is to merge as many blocks as possible in order to reach higher levels and unlock new challenges.

The gameplay involves swiping tiles on a 4×4 grid, which then move around until they either hit another block or are placed into empty spaces. When two identical numbered blocks touch each other, they will combine into one larger number that can be moved around like any other block on the board. As players progress through the levels, more complex combinations become available such as combining three smaller numbers into one large number or creating chains of four-in-a-row matching numbers.

Players must think strategically when playing Dicedom – Merge Puzzle in order to maximize their score by making sure all moves lead towards reaching high scores while avoiding obstacles such as bombs that reduce points if touched during playtime. Additionally, special bonuses may appear throughout different stages which can help boost player’s scores even further! With its unique combination of strategy and luck elements, this addictive puzzler provides hours upon hours of entertainment for both casual gamers and hardcore puzzle fans alike!

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