Dice With Buddies™ Social Game

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Dice With Buddies™ Social Game is an exciting and fun social dice game for Android devices. Developed by Scopely, this game allows players to connect with friends or strangers from around the world in a virtual dice-rolling competition. Players can challenge their friends to see who has the luckiest roll of the dice or join random tables for some fast-paced multiplayer action. The goal of Dice With Buddies is simple: get as many points as possible before your opponent does!

The gameplay mechanics are easy to learn but difficult to master; each player takes turns rolling five six-sided dice and then selecting which ones they want to keep while re-rolling any remaining ones up to two times per turn. After all five have been rolled, players score points based on various combinations such as straights, full houses, fours/fives/sixes etc., similar ruleset found in other popular games like Yahtzee® and Farkle® . As you progress through levels you will unlock new achievements that give bonus rewards when completed successfully.

In addition, there’s plenty of customization options available allowing users personalize their gaming experience such as avatar selection (including animated avatars!), table themes and backgrounds , custom die colors and more! There’s also daily tournaments where players compete against others for top spots on leaderboards plus special events throughout the year offering exclusive prizes only available during those periods – so be sure not miss out!

Overall Dice With Buddies offers hours upon hours of entertainment whether playing solo or with friends online – it’s no wonder why it continues remain one most popular mobile social games today!

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