Dias da semana, feliz semana

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Dias da Semana, Feliz Semana is an Android app that helps you stay organized and motivated throughout the week. The app provides users with a daily dose of motivation to help them make it through each day of the week. It also allows users to set reminders for important tasks or events they need to remember during the course of their week.

The main feature of Dias da Semana, Feliz Semana is its motivational messages which are sent out every morning at 8am local time. These messages consist of positive affirmations and quotes from famous people such as Nelson Mandela and Maya Angelou, designed to give users a boost when starting their day off right. In addition, these inspirational words can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so friends can get in on some positivity too!

Another great feature offered by this app is its task reminder system which lets users create custom lists for things they need to accomplish each day or even over multiple days if needed. This way no matter how busy life gets there’s always something written down that needs attention – making sure nothing slips through the cracks! There’s also an option within this section where tasks can be marked as “completed” once finished so everything stays neat and tidy in one place without having clutter up your home screen with notifications all day long either (which could become quite distracting).

Overall Dias da Semana, Feliz Semana is a great tool for staying organized while getting inspired along the way! With its easy-to-use interface plus helpful features like motivational messaging and task reminders; anyone looking for more structure in their lives should definitely check it out today – after all who doesn’t want start off each Monday feeling happy and ready take on whatever comes next?

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