Dharitri Assam Land Record

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Dharitri Assam Land Record is an Android app developed by the Government of Assam to facilitate easy access to land records in the state. The app was launched in 2017 and has since become one of the most popular apps for accessing land records in India. It provides users with a comprehensive view of their property details, including ownership information, survey numbers, boundary descriptions and more.

The Dharitri App allows users to search for any kind of property-related information they need quickly and easily from anywhere at anytime. With its user-friendly interface, it makes searching through large amounts of data easier than ever before. Users can also use this app to check if there are any disputes related to their properties or encumbrances on them that may affect future transactions or sales agreements.

In addition, Dharitiri offers various other features such as mapping services which allow users to locate nearby lands; notifications about changes made in land records; e-registration facility for registering new documents online; payment gateway integration so that payments can be done securely without having to visit government offices; digital signature authentication system ensuring secure transfer of documents between parties involved etc.. All these features make it much easier for people living outside Assam who want access land record information back home but cannot physically go there due time constraints or other reasons .

Overall ,the Dhariti App is a great tool not only for those looking up their own properties but also anyone interested in knowing more about real estate within the state boundaries as well as keeping track all kinds legal documentation regarding same .

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