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Devon Live is an Android app that provides users with the latest news and information from Devon, England. The app features a range of content including local news stories, sports coverage, entertainment listings and more. It also includes interactive maps to help you explore the area as well as handy travel advice for visitors.

The main page of the app displays all recent headlines in one place so it’s easy to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Devon. You can filter by category or keyword search for specific topics if needed. Each article has its own comments section where readers can discuss their thoughts about current events or ask questions related to them. This helps create a sense of community amongst those who use the app regularly which adds an extra layer of engagement and connection between readers and writers alike!

The Sports section contains comprehensive coverage on teams like Exeter City FC, Plymouth Argyle FC and Torquay United FC plus other popular sports such as rugby union and cricket too! There are match reports after each game along with interviews from players/managers giving fans even greater insight into their team’s performance throughout any given season – perfect for diehard supporters out there!

In addition to this, Devon Live offers plenty of lifestyle content ranging from restaurant reviews through to theatre shows and gig guides – making sure everyone gets something they enjoy reading about no matter what interests they have outside work/study commitments etc.. All these articles are written by experienced journalists based in various locations around Devon meaning accuracy is always guaranteed when using this service (which isn’t always true with some other apps!).

Overall then; whether you’re looking for breaking news updates or just want somewhere nice go eat dinner tonight – downloading ‘Devon Live‘ will give you access everything need know about your region at fingertips 24 hours day 7 days week without ever having leave house again…

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