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Device ID is an Android app that helps users keep track of their device’s vital information. It provides a comprehensive overview of the hardware and software components on your phone, as well as important details such as the IMEI number, serial number, MAC address and more. This can be incredibly useful if you ever need to contact customer support or report a lost or stolen device.

The app displays all relevant info in an easy-to-read format so you don’t have to navigate through multiple menus just to find what you’re looking for. You’ll also get access to detailed technical specs like processor type, RAM size and storage capacity which are essential when troubleshooting performance issues or buying compatible accessories like memory cards and cases. Additionally, Device ID will show any installed apps along with their version numbers so it’s easier for tech support personnel to help diagnose problems quickly without having to ask too many questions about your setup first.

One great feature of this app is its ability to detect root status on rooted devices; something not every other similar tool offers! Knowing whether your device has been rooted can save time during diagnostics since certain features may not work properly due to modifications made by rooting applications (elevated privileges). As long as you stay away from shady third-party sources while downloading apps onto your phone then there shouldn’t be any cause for concern but it’s always good practice knowing exactly where things stand before contacting customer service representatives who might otherwise assume malicious intent was involved in causing whatever issue they’re trying resolve!

Overall Device ID makes keeping tabs on all aspects related to one’s mobile device simple yet effective – no longer do we have worry about forgetting our IMEI/serial numbers because now everything is conveniently stored within this handy little application available free from Google Play store today!

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