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Detectify – Device Detector is an Android app that allows users to quickly and easily detect the type of device they are using. It can be used to determine if a phone or tablet is running on iOS, Windows Phone, or Android operating systems. The application also provides detailed information about the hardware components such as processor type, RAM size, storage capacity and more.

The main purpose of this app is to help users identify their devices in order to make sure they have access to all compatible apps and services available for their device model. This helps them save time by avoiding downloading incompatible applications which could cause problems with their phones or tablets later on. Additionally, it also helps reduce confusion when trying to troubleshoot any issues related to compatibility between different devices since the user will know exactly what kind of device they’re dealing with from the start.

Using Detectify – Device Detector couldn’t be easier; simply launch the app and let it scan your system for details about your current device setup including its OS version number along with other technical specifications like screen resolution etcetera . Once complete you’ll get a full report detailing everything you need in order understand what kind of device you’re currently working with so that you can ensure maximum compatibility across various platforms going forward!

Overall this makes Detectify – Device Detector one of those must-have tools for anyone who wants quick identification without having dig through complex settings menus just find out basic information about their own mobile gadget!

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