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Destiny Trials Report is an Android app designed to help players of the popular online shooter game Destiny track their progress in the competitive multiplayer mode known as “Trials of Osiris.” The app provides detailed information about each match, including win/loss records, team composition, and individual performance metrics such as kills per round and accuracy. It also offers a range of leaderboards that allow users to compare themselves with other players around the world.

The main feature of Destiny Trials Report is its ability to provide real-time statistics for every player in a given match. After downloading it from Google Play or installing it on your device via APK file, you can enter any Gamertag (the username used by gamers) into the search bar at the top left corner and get immediate access to all available stats related to that user’s recent matches in Trials of Osiris. This includes wins/losses over time; average score per round; total kills/deaths ratio; most played maps and modes; best weapons used during gameplay; and more. Additionally, there are several leaderboards which rank players based on different criteria such as overall wins or highest killstreaks achieved within certain periods (weekly / monthly).

In addition to offering useful insights into one’s own performance in Trials of Osiris, Destiny Trial Reports makes it easy for users who want to analyze how they stack up against others playing this same game mode worldwide – something especially helpful if you’re looking for ways improve your skillset or just curious where you stand among fellow Guardians! All data provided by this application comes directly from Bungie servers so results should always be accurate no matter when they were last updated – making sure everyone has access reliable info whenever needed!

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