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Destiny 2 Companion is an Android game developed by Bungie, Inc. The game was released in 2017 and has since become one of the most popular mobile games on the market. Destiny 2 Companion offers players a unique way to experience the world of Destiny 2 while away from their console or PC.

The app allows users to stay connected with friends and other Guardians across platforms, access exclusive content such as bounties, challenges and rewards for completing activities within the game, track progress towards goals like raids or strikes, review item collections including weapons and armor pieces acquired during gameplay sessions; customize loadouts for upcoming missions/events; manage clan rosters and chat with members; view stats related to character progression (including XP earned); receive notifications when new events are available; check out news updates about what’s happening within Destiny universe directly from Bungie developers themselves!

In addition to all these features that make it easier than ever before for gamers who want more control over how they play their favorite title – there’s also plenty of fun stuff included too: special emotes can be used when chatting in-game which add some extra flavor into conversations between fellow Guardians plus weekly “Flashpoint Challenges” offer up bonus loot rewards if completed successfully! And lastly but not least – those looking forward getting hands-on time with next installment due later this year will find helpful resources here too so they know exactly what changes have been made since launch day back in September 2014.

Overall then – whether you’re a diehard fan already playing through every raid mission multiple times or just starting your journey into this amazing sci-fi shooter adventure – downloading destiny companion app onto your device today could prove invaluable!

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