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Deputy is an employee scheduling app designed to help businesses streamline their workforce management. It allows employers to create, manage and share schedules with staff in real-time. The app also provides features such as shift swapping, time tracking and leave requests that make it easier for managers to keep track of their employees’ hours worked and availability.

The Deputy mobile app makes it easy for employers to quickly build a schedule based on the needs of their business without having to manually enter data into spreadsheets or other software programs. With its drag-and-drop interface, users can easily add shifts by selecting from available timeslots or creating custom ones if needed. Users can also assign tasks within each shift so everyone knows exactly what they need to do during work hours.

In addition, the Deputy mobile app offers advanced features like automated notifications when changes are made or new jobs become available; this helps ensure that all employees stay informed about any updates related to their job duties or working hours at all times. Additionally, the “Shift Swap” feature allows workers who cannot make a scheduled shift due unforeseen circumstances (e.g., illness) find someone else who can take over while still maintaining compliance with labor laws regarding overtime pay rates etc.. This ensures that there are no gaps in coverage which could result in lost productivity or customer dissatisfaction due lack of service personnel being present at certain locations/times throughout the day/week/month etc..

Finally, Deputy has built-in reporting capabilities which allow supervisors and administrators access detailed reports about attendance records and payroll information across multiple sites simultaneously – making it much easier for them analyze trends and identify areas where improvements may be necessary going forward (i.e., reducing costs associated with excessive overtime payments). All these features combined provide businesses using Deputy comprehensive tools necessary not only maintain efficient staffing levels but also optimize operations overall resulting increased profits margins over time!

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