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Delhivery is an Android app that makes it easier for users to send and receive parcels. It provides a convenient way of tracking packages, scheduling pickups, and getting notifications on the status of shipments. The app also allows customers to compare prices from different courier services in order to find the best deal. With Delhivery’s mobile-friendly interface, sending or receiving parcels has never been simpler!

The main features of this application include:

1) Track your parcel anytime – You can track your package with just one click using Delhivery’s real-time tracking feature. This helps you stay informed about where your shipment is at all times so that you don’t have any surprises when it arrives at its destination.

2) Schedule Pickups – If you need to ship something urgently but cannot make it down to the post office yourself then no worries – simply schedule a pickup with Delhivery and they will come pick up your package from wherever you are located! All you need is an address and time slot for them to arrive at.

3) Compare Prices – Not sure which courier service offers the best rate? No problem – use Delhivery’s price comparison tool which shows rates across multiple companies side by side so that customers can easily choose what works best for their budget as well as convenience needs .

Overall, if someone needs help managing their deliveries or wants more control over how they track their shipments then this android App should be considered highly beneficial due its user friendly design and comprehensive range of features such as real time tracking and Price Comparison Tool etc..

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