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Android phones are becoming increasingly popular, and with the wide range of apps available for them, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you’ve downloaded an app that you don’t need anymore or simply want to free up some space on your device, deleting apps is a great way to do this. Uninstalling apps from your Android phone can be done quickly and easily by following these steps:

1. Open the Settings menu on your Android phone and select Apps (or Applications). This will open a list of all installed applications on your device.

2. Scroll through the list until you find the app that you want to delete or uninstall from your device. Tap it once to open its details page then tap Uninstall button at bottom right corner of screen .

3. Confirm that you want to delete/uninstall this application by tapping OK in pop-up window which appears after pressing uninstall button . Your selected application will now be deleted/uninstalled from your android phone without any further action required from user side .

4. You may also have an option in Google Play Store where if not uninstalled correctly ,it gives users opportunity again go back into store and reinstall same application as before so no data loss occurs while uninstalling process takes place but only applicable when downloading directly via playstore instead of third party websites like ApkMirror etc..

5 Finally ,if there’s still something left behind after uninstalling such as files stored in internal memory then use Cleaner App which helps clean out junk files and caches associated with deleted applications freeing up more storage space for other usage within few clicks !

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