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Def Jam NY Takeover Fighting is an Android game that puts you in the shoes of a street fighter. You take on other fighters to become the ultimate champion and prove your worth as a true warrior. The goal is to defeat all opponents, build up your reputation, and ultimately control New York City’s underground fighting scene.

The game features detailed 3D graphics with realistic motion-captured animations for each character’s moves. It also has a wide range of characters from different backgrounds such as hip hop artists, martial arts experts, wrestlers and more. Each character comes with their own unique set of skills which can be used strategically against opponents during fights or when defending yourself from attacks by blocking or dodging them altogether. Players can customize their characters’ looks by changing clothes and accessories too!

Players must use special combos along with powerful strikes like uppercuts and roundhouse kicks to gain advantage over enemies while avoiding damage themselves at the same time – it takes skillful timing if they want to come out victorious! If players manage to win battles consecutively without taking any hits then they will earn bonus points which can be exchanged for upgrades like new weapons or armor pieces that improve stats even further. Additionally there are various mini-games scattered throughout Def Jam NY Takeover Fighting where players have chance try something else besides just fighting; these include races between cars/bikes/boats etc., basketball matches, shooting galleries etc..

Overall this game offers plenty of action packed fun whether you’re playing alone against AI foes or online versus real people around world – so get ready put those fists flying because it’s time show who deserves title “King Of NYC Streets”!

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