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Deal or No Deal Live is an exciting new live game show available on Android devices. It combines the classic TV game show with a modern mobile gaming experience, allowing players to compete against each other in real-time for big cash prizes. The app features realistic graphics and sound effects that make it feel like you’re actually playing the popular television program from home.

The concept of Deal or No Deal Live is simple: Players are presented with 26 briefcases containing different amounts of money ranging from one penny up to $1 million dollars! Each player selects one case at random and then must decide whether they want to accept offers made by “the Banker” throughout the course of the game. If a player decides not to accept any offer, they can continue opening cases until only two remain – their own case and another selected by “the Banker” which contains either more or less money than theirs; whichever has more will be awarded as their winnings if they choose correctly!

As well as being able to challenge friends online, players can also play solo games where they face off against computer opponents who have varying levels of skill depending on how much practice you put into your strategy beforehand! There are even leaderboards so that users can compare scores with others around the world – making this a truly global competition! And don’t worry about running out coins; every day there’s free bonus coins given away just for logging in plus additional rewards when completing certain tasks within the app itself such as watching promotional videos etcetera…

So why wait? Download Deal Or No Deal Live now and get ready for some serious fun while competing for huge cash prizes right from your phone/tablet device today!!

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