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The DE Lottery Results app is a must-have for anyone who plays the Delaware lottery. With this convenient, easy to use and free application, players can check their results in real time on their mobile phones or tablets. The app allows users to view winning numbers as soon as they are drawn and also provides information about upcoming draws, jackpots and more. It’s an ideal way for those living in Delaware or visiting the state to stay up-to-date with all of the latest lottery news.

With this user friendly application, you will have access to your favorite games such as Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Hot Lotto® Sizzler™ , Multi Win Lotto™ , Play 3 Day and Night ™ , Play 4 Day and Night™ . You can even customize notifications so that you never miss out when there’s a big draw coming up! Plus if you win any prize money from these games then it’s easy to claim your rewards directly within the App itself – no need for paper tickets anymore!

The DE Lottery Results App also offers several other useful features including:

• A quick pick option which randomly generates numbers based on past drawings;

• An archive of previous drawing results;

• Accessible game rules;

• Player protection tips;

• And much more…

Overall, if you live in Delaware or are just visiting – make sure you download the DE Lottery Results App today! This intuitive tool makes checking your lotteries easier than ever before while ensuring that all of your important data remains secure at all times. Good luck everyone!

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