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DBNA – App für queere Jungs is an Android app designed to provide a safe and secure platform for queer boys in Germany. The app was created by the Berlin-based non-profit organization, Queeramagde e.V., with the goal of providing a space where young LGBTQ+ people can connect, find support, and share their experiences without fear of discrimination or judgement.

The DBNA app features several sections that allow users to explore different topics related to being queer in Germany today. These include: “Coming Out” which provides advice on how best to come out as well as resources for those who are struggling; “Dating and Sex” which offers tips on dating safely and responsibly; “Healthy Living” which covers mental health issues such as depression and anxiety; “Legal Rights and Resources” which gives information about legal rights available to members of the LGBT community in Germany; and finally, there is also a section dedicated specifically towards youth activism called “Youth Activism”.

In addition to these sections, DBNA also has its own chatroom feature that allows users from all over Germany (and even beyond) to communicate directly with each other through text messages or video calls. This helps create an online community where queer boys can discuss various topics relevant them while still feeling safe knowing they won’t be judged or harassed because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Overall, DBNA – App für queere Jungs is an excellent resource for German LGBTQ+ youth looking for support during this difficult time when many feel isolated due isolation measures put into place around Covid 19 pandemic . It’s free download makes it accessible anyone regardless income level so hopefully more young people will take advantage this amazing opportunity access much needed help services provided within one convenient application!

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