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The Days Counter app is an Android application that helps users keep track of important dates and count down to special events. It allows you to easily add, edit and delete days in a simple user interface. You can also create reminders for each day so you won’t forget about them. The app also provides a widget which shows the remaining days until your event on your home screen or lock screen without having to open the full app every time.

Days Counter makes it easy to stay organized by allowing users to categorize their entries into different categories such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc., making it easier for them to find what they are looking for quickly. Additionally, with its intuitive design and layout features like drag and drop support make managing multiple countdown timers even more convenient than ever before!

The Days Counter App has many useful features including customizable themes so you can personalize how your calendar looks; custom notifications that allow you set up alerts when certain events occur; detailed stats page where all of your data is stored securely; ability to share counts with friends via social media platforms; backup/restore options if something goes wrong while using the app; integration with Google Calendar so any changes made will be reflected across both apps simultaneously and much more!

Overall this is an excellent tool for anyone who wants an easy way of keeping track of important dates or counting down towards upcoming events – whether those are birthdays, anniversaries or anything else! With its wide range of customization options available along with secure storage capabilities there really isn’t anything else out there quite like it at the moment – giving users everything they need from one single place

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