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Dayforce is an android app designed to help employees manage their work life balance. The app provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools and features that allow them to track their hours, request time off, view pay stubs, submit expense reports and more. It also allows employers to easily manage employee data such as payroll information, attendance records and benefit plans.

The Dayforce Android App has been designed for both employers and employees alike. For employers it offers a range of benefits including the ability to monitor staff performance in real-time; create customised schedules; set up automated notifications when shifts are changed or cancelled; access detailed analytics on labour costs; generate accurate timesheets for reporting purposes; send messages directly from the dashboard; plus much more!

For employees using the Dayforce Android App they can enjoy all these great features too: check shift availability before submitting requests for leave or overtime ; receive push notifications about schedule changes ; review current/past pay stubs quickly and securely ; submit expenses online without having to fill out paper forms ; get reminders about important deadlines like tax filing dates etc.; store personal documents safely within the secure platform . Plus many other useful functions making managing your job easier than ever before!

Overall this is a fantastic tool which makes managing your working life simpler while giving you peace of mind knowing that everything related to employment matters is taken care of efficiently and accurately – no matter where you are located!

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