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The Date in Status Bar app for Android is a great way to keep track of the date and time without having to open up your phone. The app puts the current date right on your status bar, so you can quickly check it whenever you need to. It’s perfect for those who are always on-the-go or just want an easy way to stay organized.

This simple yet effective tool has a range of features that make it incredibly useful. You can customize the font size, color, and format of the date displayed in your status bar as well as choose between 12 hour and 24 hour formats. Additionally, there’s also an option for displaying both day and month names instead of numbers if desired.

One particularly nice feature is its ability to display upcoming events from Google Calendar directly in your status bar too! This makes sure that important dates like birthdays or anniversaries don’t get forgotten about – all while keeping them out of sight until needed. And best off all – this powerful little app doesn’t even require any permissions whatsoever!

Overall, Date in Status Bar is one handy tool for anyone looking for quick access information about today’s date (or future ones). Its customization options mean users have plenty control over how their data looks which helps ensure they’re able find what they need when they need it most – no matter where life takes them next!

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