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Martin Schall

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Datapass is an Android app that helps users to monitor and manage their mobile data usage. It provides a comprehensive overview of the user’s current data consumption, as well as detailed information about past usage patterns. The app also allows users to set limits on their data usage so they can stay within budget and avoid overage charges from their service provider.

The main screen of Datapass displays a graph showing how much data has been used in the current month or billing cycle, along with other useful details such as total monthly allowance, remaining balance, peak hours for internet use, etc. Users can customize this view by selecting specific time periods or types of network connections (Wi-Fi vs cellular). Additionally, there are options to filter out certain apps when tracking overall usage statistics; this feature makes it easy to identify which applications are consuming the most bandwidth and make adjustments accordingly.

For those who need more control over their mobile device’s settings related to data consumption – such as setting up alerts when reaching certain thresholds – Datapass offers advanced features like “Data Saver Mode” where all background processes will be stopped automatically once a pre-defined limit is reached; thus preventing any further unnecessary waste of resources due to careless browsing habits or accidental downloads/uploads. Furthermore, the app includes tools for monitoring roaming costs while abroad – making sure you don’t get hit with unexpected bills after coming home from your vacation!

Overall Datapass is an incredibly helpful tool for anyone looking for ways to better manage their monthly phone bill without sacrificing convenience or performance levels – allowing them peace of mind knowing that they won’t go over budget no matter what kind of activities they may engage in online throughout each day/week/month period!

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