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Data Settings is an Android app that helps users manage their data usage. It allows them to set limits on the amount of data they use, monitor their current usage, and receive notifications when they reach certain thresholds. The app also provides detailed information about which apps are using the most data so users can make informed decisions about how to best manage their resources.

The main screen of Data Settings displays a graph showing total mobile and Wi-Fi network activity in real time. Users can easily track how much data has been used over any given period of time by simply tapping on the graph or scrolling through it with a finger swipe. Additionally, there are several tabs at the bottom of this page that provide further detail such as daily/weekly/monthly breakdowns; individual application consumption; and various settings for setting up alerts based on user preferences (e.g., exceeding a specified limit).

In addition to monitoring overall usage, Data Settings also gives users control over what applications have access to cellular networks versus just Wi-Fi networks – allowing them more granular control over how much each program consumes from either source without sacrificing performance or convenience entirely (for example streaming music may only be allowed via WiFi while background updates may still occur via cellular connections). This feature alone makes it easier for people who want to stay within budgeted amounts but don’t necessarily want all programs blocked from accessing 3G/4G services completely – something not available in many other similar apps today!

Overall, Data Settings is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to better understand and manage their mobile device’s internet connection(s) – whether it be because you’re trying conserve battery life or maintain your monthly allowance plan with your carrier provider – ultimately giving you greater insight into exactly where and why your phone’s bandwidth is being utilized throughout day-to-day activities!

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