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DashRummy is an online rummy game for Android devices that allows players to play the classic card game on their mobile device. The app offers a variety of different gaming modes, including single player and multiplayer options, as well as tournaments and leaderboard rankings. DashRummy also has its own unique set of rules which make it stand out from other rummy games available in the market today.

The objective of DashRummy is simple: be the first one to get rid of all your cards by forming sets or sequences with them before your opponents do! Players can choose between two types of decks – Indian Rummy Deck (13 cards) or Points Rummy Deck (10 cards). They can then select either a 2-player table or 6-player table depending on how many people they want to compete against at once. Once everyone has joined a room, each person will receive 13/10 randomly dealt cards face down along with 1 open card which will help form combinations during gameplay.

In order to win in DashRummy, players must build valid sets and sequences using their hand’s combination plus any jokers present within the deck(s). A set consists three or four same rank cards while sequence requires 3+ consecutive numbers belonging to same suit like 4♥ 5♥ 6♥ . During every turn, you need to pick up one new card from discard pile OR stock pile and discard one unwanted card into discard pile after making some melding if possible; this process continues until someone declares “Show” upon completing valid sets and sequences according his/her hand’s combo + Jokers present within deck(s). After declaration rest participants have chance either accept show OR challenge it based upon validity check via system itself; if challenged successfully challenger gets double points otherwise declarer wins round and scores accordingly.

Overall, DashRummys provides users with an exciting way to enjoy traditional rummy anytime anywhere through their smartphones! With multiple tables sizes available for both beginners and experts alike plus various rewards offered throughout gameplay makes this app highly desirable among fans everywhere looking for fun yet challenging experience without having leave comfort zone i..e home !

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