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The Damini – Lightning Alert app is a revolutionary new mobile application designed to help keep people safe during severe weather. The app uses advanced lightning detection technology to alert users when lightning strikes within a certain radius of their location, giving them the opportunity to take shelter and stay safe from potential danger.

Damini was created by two Indian entrepreneurs who wanted to improve safety in their community after experiencing firsthand how dangerous storms can be. By using real-time data provided by India Meteorological Department (IMD), the app alerts users whenever there’s an active thunderstorm or other hazardous conditions nearby so they can seek shelter immediately. It also provides detailed information about current weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed, humidity levels and more which helps users prepare for any upcoming storm activity.

In addition to providing timely warnings of approaching storms, Damini also offers additional features that make it even more useful for those living in areas prone to extreme weather events like floods and cyclones. Users are able to set up custom notifications based on specific locations or types of hazards so they always know what’s going on around them at all times. They can also access historical records of past storm activity in order gain better insight into future trends and plan accordingly ahead of time if necessary.

Overall, the Damini – Lightning Alert App is an invaluable resource for anyone living in areas with frequent bouts of inclement weather due its ability provide accurate forecasts along with timely warning notifications that could potentially save lives during emergencies situations involving dangerous storms or flooding events

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