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Dainik Sambad ePaper is an android app that provides users with access to the daily newspaper, Dainik Sambad. The app allows users to read and download a digital version of the paper from anywhere in India. It also offers features such as bookmarking articles for later reading, sharing news stories via social media platforms, and customizing notifications for breaking news alerts.

The app has been designed with user convenience in mind; it is easy to use and navigate through its various sections including: National News, International News, Sports News, Business and Finance News etc. Users can easily switch between different editions of the newspaper by simply selecting their preferred edition from within the app’s menu bar or search box. Additionally they can customize their own personal preferences by setting up notifications according to topics they are interested in (e.g., sports). This ensures that readers get only those updates which matter most to them without having to scroll through irrelevant content every time they open up the application on their devices.

Overall Dainik Sambad ePaper provides a convenient way for people who want quick access to important news stories throughout India at any given moment – all while being able to save money on physical copies of newspapers!

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