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DandD Beyond is a mobile app for Android and iOS devices that allows users to access the Dungeons and Dragons game universe. It provides an interactive platform where players can create characters, explore dungeons, battle monsters, craft items and more. The app also includes official content from Wizards of the Coast such as adventures, rulesets and other digital books.

The DandD Beyond App has several features that make it easy to get started playing or continue existing campaigns on-the-go:

– Character Builder – Create your own character with custom stats using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can even import pregenerated characters from published materials directly into your campaign!

– Monster Manual – Access over 500 creatures in this comprehensive database of all things monstrous including detailed descriptions, tactics and special abilities for each creature type.

– Adventure Toolbox – Easily search through hundreds of readymade adventures written by professional Dungeon Masters or customize one yourself with our powerful adventure creation tools!

– Digital Books Library– Browse through dozens of PDFs containing rulebooks, source material and supplemental content for any edition of Dungeons and Dragons you may be playing (3rd Edition/4th Edition/5E).

With its wide range of features designed specifically for gamers on the go, DandD Beyond makes it easier than ever before to play wherever life takes you!

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