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Cync is the new name of C by GE, an Android app that allows users to control their smart home devices. The app works with all products from the C by GE line, including light bulbs, switches and outlets. With this app you can easily set up your home lighting system in minutes without any complicated wiring or programming.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get started using their smart lights right away. You can create custom scenes for each room in your house and adjust brightness levels through voice commands or a few taps on your phone screen. Additionally, you can sync multiple rooms together so they are always lit perfectly no matter where you are in the house.

You also have access to advanced features like scheduling when certain lights turn on/off as well as setting timers for specific tasks such as turning off all lights at bedtime or dimming them during movie night. And if you want even more customization options then there’s support for third party integrations like Amazon Alexa and Google Home which allow voice activation of different functions within the app itself!

Overall, Cync (the new name of C by GE) is a great way to make sure that every aspect of your home lighting setup is exactly how you want it – whether that means controlling individual bulbs or entire rooms full of them!

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