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Cyber VPN

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CyberVPN is an IP Changer and VPN android app that provides users with secure, anonymous and unrestricted access to the internet. It allows users to browse websites without revealing their real IP address or location. CyberVPN also helps protect user data from being monitored by ISPs, government agencies or other third parties.

The app works by routing your traffic through its own servers located in different countries around the world so that you can appear as if you are browsing from a different country than your actual one. This makes it possible for people who live in countries where certain content may be blocked due to censorship laws, such as China and Russia, to bypass these restrictions and access whatever they want on the web without fear of reprisal from their governments.

In addition to providing anonymity while online, CyberVPN also offers several features designed specifically for security-minded individuals including military grade encryption protocols (OpenVPN), DNS leak protection and automatic kill switch technology which will immediately cut off all connections when there is any suspicious activity detected on your device’s network connection – ensuring no one else has access to your sensitive information even if someone were able gain physical control over it at some point during use.

Finally, CyberVPN comes with a free version which gives users unlimited bandwidth but only allows them three server locations (USA/Canada/Netherlands). For those looking for more options however there is always the premium plan which grants full access across all available servers worldwide along with additional features like ad blocking capabilities and 24/7 customer support should anything go wrong while using this service provider’s services

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