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Crazy Ball is an exciting and fun Android game. It features fast-paced, arcade-style action with simple controls and vibrant graphics. The objective of the game is to keep a ball bouncing on platforms for as long as possible while avoiding obstacles such as spikes and bombs. Players can collect coins, powerups, unlock new characters, compete against friends in leaderboards, and more! With its addictive gameplay and colorful visuals Crazy Ball will provide hours of entertainment for all ages.
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Crazy Ball is an exciting and addictive game for Android devices. It’s a fast-paced, challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The objective of Crazy Ball is to get the highest score possible by bouncing your ball off walls and obstacles while avoiding enemies. You can also collect coins along the way to unlock new levels, characters, and power-ups!

The controls are simple: use either tilt or touch gestures to move your character left or right as they bounce around each level. As you progress through the levels, more enemies appear with different abilities such as shooting lasers at your character or creating force fields that must be avoided in order to survive longer in each round. Additionally, there are various power ups available which give temporary boosts like increasing speed or making it easier to dodge enemy attacks.

Each level presents its own unique challenges; from navigating narrow pathways filled with spikes and other hazards, all the way up to boss fights against giant robots! With over 100 levels spread across five worlds (each world having its own distinct theme), Crazy Ball provides plenty of replay value for those looking for a long-term challenge. Plus if you ever need help getting past any particularly tough stages then there’s always online leaderboards where players can compare their scores with others around the globe – perfect motivation when things start getting too difficult!

Overall this is one of those games that just keeps giving; whether it’s trying out new strategies on old levels or pushing yourself further into uncharted territory every time you play – Crazy Ball has something special waiting no matter how many times you come back!



  1. Intuitive and easy to use controls
  2. Colorful graphics with cartoonish characters
  3. 3levels of increasing difficulty
  4. Unlockable power-ups for extra points and bonuses
  5. Fun sound effects that add to the game’s atmosphere
  6. Leaderboard integration so you can compete against your friends

Pros & Cons:

  • Crazy Ball is an addictive and fun game that offers hours of entertainment.
  • It has simple yet challenging levels, making it suitable for all ages to enjoy playing the game.
  • The graphics are vibrant and colorful, creating a visually appealing atmosphere while you play the game.
  • The controls are easy to learn and use so even beginners can get into the action quickly without frustration or confusion over how to operate the app properly .
  • There is no need for any special equipment or skills as anyone with basic knowledge about android phones can easily understand how this game works .
  • This game also provides users with rewards such as coins which they can collect in order to unlock new levels or power-ups within the app itself .
  • 7
  • It can be very addictive and time-consuming, leading to a lack of productivity in other areas of life.
  • The game may contain inappropriate content that is not suitable for children or young adults.
  • There are many ads within the game which can be intrusive and annoying at times, making it difficult to focus on playing the game itself.
  • It requires an internet connection to play, so if you’re out of range then you won’t be able to access the game at all times


Here are some common questions and answers about Crazy ball:
  1. Q: What is Crazy Ball?
    • A: Crazy Ball is an exciting and addictive Android game where you control a bouncing ball to collect coins and power-ups while avoiding obstacles. The goal of the game is to get as far as possible without hitting any obstacles or falling off the screen. You can also compete against your friends for high scores!
  2. Q: How do I play Crazy Ball?
    • A: To play, simply tap on the left side of your device’s screen to make your ball move in that direction, and tap on the right side of your device’s screen to make it move in that direction. Avoid all obstacles by jumping over them or sliding under them using swiping motions with one finger (swipe up/down). Collect coins along the way for bonus points!
  3. Q: Are there any special features in this game?
    • A: Yes! There are several unique power-ups available throughout each level which will help you progress further into the game. These include invincibility stars, speed boosts, extra lives, etc., so be sure to pick them up whenever they appear!


Crazy Ball is an Android game that offers a unique and fun experience. It features simple controls, challenging levels, and colorful graphics. The objective of the game is to keep your ball bouncing on platforms while avoiding obstacles like spikes and walls. With its easy-to-learn mechanics, Crazy Ball provides hours of entertainment for all ages. Whether you’re looking for something to pass the time or just want some lighthearted fun, this app has it all!

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