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Course Hero - Homework Helper is an android app that helps students with their homework. It provides access to over 20 million course-specific study resources, including practice problems, step-by-step explanations, videos and more. The app also offers personalized help from tutors in real time via chat or video calls. With Course Hero - Homework Helper App users can easily find answers to their questions quickly and accurately by searching for topics or keywords related to the subject they are studying. Additionally, the app has a built-in calculator which allows users to solve math equations instantly without having
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Course Hero – Homework Helper is an Android app that helps students with their homework and coursework. It provides a comprehensive library of study materials, including notes, practice questions, flashcards, videos and more from top universities like Harvard and Stanford. The app also offers personalized tutoring services to help users get the most out of their studies.

The app’s main feature is its ability to provide users with access to over 20 million pieces of educational content from leading universities around the world. This includes lecture notes, online textbooks, video tutorials and more. Users can search for specific topics or browse by subject area in order to find what they need quickly and easily. In addition to this vast library of resources available on Course Hero – Homework Helper , users can also take advantage of personalized tutoring sessions offered through the platform’s network of experts who are knowledgeable in various subjects such as math, science or English language arts (ELA). These one-on-one sessions allow students to ask questions directly related to their assignments while receiving guidance tailored specifically towards them so they can better understand concepts covered within their courses.

In addition to providing helpful educational material for studying purposes only , Course Hero – Homework Helper also allows users access exclusive discounts on products related education such as digital textbooks or other learning tools . Furthermore , it features a built-in calendar which makes keeping track upcoming deadlines easier than ever before . Lastly , there is even an option for parents monitor progress made by children using the application .

Overall , Course Hero – Homework Helper has proven itself be invaluable resource when it comes helping students succeed both inside outside classroom settings . With its expansive database knowledge sources combined personalised assistance provided experienced professionals , this innovative mobile application has become go-to choice those looking boost grades without breaking bank !



  1. Access to millions of course-specific study resources: Course Hero offers access to over million course-specific study materials such as lecture notes, practice problems and answers, video tutorials, and more.
  2. Expert tutors available 24/Get help from expert tutors on any subject or concept with the “Ask a Tutor” feature in the app.
  3. Free flashcards & quizlet sets: Create your own custom flashcards and quizlets for studying using Course Hero’s library of content or upload your own documents for review by other students in our community!
  4. Upload photos of handwritten work: Need help understanding a difficult problem? Use the “Snap A Pic” feature within the app to take pictures of handwritten work and get step-by-step solutions from experts!
  5. Earn rewards points when you contribute helpful content : Share your knowledge with others by uploading helpful documents like class notes or practice tests – earn reward points that can be used towards free unlocks!

Pros & Cons:

  • Course Hero – Homework Helper app provides easy access to a wide range of academic resources, including study guides and online tutoring services.
  • The app offers step-by-step explanations for difficult concepts in various subjects such as math, science, history and more.
  • It also has an interactive community where students can ask questions and get help from other users who have the same subject knowledge or experience with the problem at hand.
  • The app is free to download and use so it’s accessible to everyone without any cost barriers which makes it very convenient for students who are on a tight budget but still need help with their studies or assignments quickly without having to pay expensive fees for private tutors or classes outside of school hours..
  • The user interface is intuitively designed making navigation through different options straightforward even if you’re not tech savvy
  • Course Hero – Homework Helper app is not free, users have to pay a subscription fee in order to access the full features of the app.
  • The content provided by the app may be outdated or incorrect as it relies on user-generated content which can be inaccurate and unreliable at times.
  • It does not provide any real tutoring service but only provides resources such as notes, study guides and practice problems that students can use for their homework help needs.
  • Some of its features are limited to premium members only so if you don’t pay for a membership then you will miss out on some helpful tools like flashcards and online tutors who could potentially assist with your studies more effectively than just using what’s available through the basic version of this application alone


Here are some common questions and answers about Course Hero – Homework Helper:
  1. Q: What is Course Hero – Homework Helper?
    • A: Course Hero – Homework Helper is an Android app that provides students with step-by-step solutions to their homework problems. It also offers study materials, practice tests, and other resources to help users improve their academic performance.
  2. Q: How do I use the app?
    • A: To get started using the app, simply download it from Google Play Store and create a free account. Once you’ve created your account, you can search for answers by entering keywords or topics related to your course material or assignment into the search bar at the top of the screen. You can also browse through our library of over million documents on various subjects such as math, science, history and more! After finding what you need in our library of documents and videos uploaded by tutors around the world – just click “view solution” for instant access to detailed explanations about how each problem was solved.
  3. Q: Is there a cost associated with using this app?
    • A: No – Course Hero – Homework Helper is completely free! There are no subscription fees or hidden charges when using this service; however if you would like additional features such as unlimited document downloads then we offer premium plans starting at $9/month which include these extra benefits plus much more!


The Course Hero – Homework Helper app is a great tool for students who need help with their homework. It offers an easy-to-use interface and provides access to thousands of study materials, including practice tests, video tutorials, flashcards and more. The app also features the ability to ask questions directly from experts in the field as well as get personalized recommendations based on your interests. With its comprehensive resources and helpful features, this app can be a valuable resource for any student looking to make studying easier and more efficient.

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