Cours & révisions du CP au bac est une application Android qui offre aux étudiants un moyen facile et pratique d'accéder à des informations sur leurs cours. Elle fournit des tutoriels, des exercices interactifs et autres supports pédagogiques pour aider les élèves à apprendre plus efficacement. L'application contient également une fonction de suivi permettant aux utilisateurs de vérifier leur progression
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Cours and Révisions du CP au Bac is an Android app that provides students with a comprehensive range of educational resources to help them prepare for their exams. The app offers over 10,000 lessons and exercises covering all the main school subjects from primary school right up to baccalaureate level. It also includes thousands of revision notes and exam questions in each subject area so users can practice before they take their tests.

The Cours and Révisions du CP au Bac app has been designed by experienced teachers who understand what it takes to succeed in the classroom environment. All content is regularly updated according to official curriculum guidelines ensuring that users are always studying relevant material for their particular grade or year group. With this app, students have access to everything they need in one place – no more searching through textbooks or online websites!

The user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use making it suitable even for younger children just starting out on their academic journey. Students can browse topics at any time as well as search specific keywords when looking for something specific such as “fractions” or “the French Revolution”. Once found, there are plenty of interactive activities available including quizzes and games which make learning fun while still being informative!

Overall, Cours and Révisions du CP au Bac is a great tool for anyone wanting extra support during their studies whether preparing for upcoming exams or simply brushing up on old knowledge before class starts again after summer break!



  1. Comprehensive course material for CP to Bac level: The app provides comprehensive and up-to-date course material for all the levels from CP (6th grade) to bac (12th grade).
  2. Interactive exercises & quizzes: It offers interactive exercises and quizzes which help students practice their knowledge in a fun way.
  3. Personalized learning plan: Students can create personalized learning plans based on their individual needs, interests and abilities. This helps them stay focused on what they need to learn without getting overwhelmed by too much information at once.
  4. Flashcards & mind maps: Through flashcards, students can easily memorize important concepts while mind maps allow them to visually organize ideas into logical categories that are easy to remember later on during exams or tests .
  5. Progress tracking : The app allows users track progress over time so they know how well they’re doing with each subject or topic area as compared with other learners of similar age group or ability level .
  6. amified rewards system :The gamified rewards system encourages students to keep going even when things get tough by offering badges , points , leaderboards etc

Pros & Cons:

  • The Cours & révisions du CP au bac android app provides comprehensive coverage of all the topics from primary school to high school, making it an ideal tool for students preparing for their exams.
  • It offers a range of interactive activities and tests that help reinforce learning and ensure understanding of concepts.
  • The app is regularly updated with new content, so users can stay up-to-date on the latest information in their field of study or interest area.
  • Users have access to numerous multimedia resources such as videos, animations, quizzes and more which makes studying fun and engaging at the same time!
  • The user interface is intuitively designed allowing quick navigation between sections without any difficulty even if you are not tech savvy!
  • The app is only available on Android devices, so users with iOS or other operating systems cannot use it.
  • It may not be suitable for all types of learners as the content and activities are limited to a certain type of learning style.
  • There is no way to track progress over time, which makes it difficult to measure improvement in academic performance or knowledge retention from using the app.
  • Some features require an internet connection, making them inaccessible when there isn’t one available (e.g., during travel).
  • The cost associated with unlocking additional content within the app can be prohibitively expensive for some users


Here are some common questions and answers about Cours & révisions du CP au bac:
  1. Q: What is the Cours & Révisions du CP au bac App?
    • A: The Cours & Révisions du CP au bac app is an educational tool designed to help students from primary school through high school level in France with their studies. It provides access to a variety of resources, such as video lessons, practice questions and quizzes, flashcards, and more.


The Cours & Révisions du CP au Bac Android App is an excellent tool for students of all ages to use in order to stay up-to-date with their studies. It offers a wide range of topics and subjects, as well as interactive quizzes and tests that can help them prepare for upcoming exams or just brush up on their knowledge. The app also provides helpful tips and advice from experienced teachers, making it easier for users to understand complex material. With its user friendly interface, this app makes studying fun and easy!

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