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Connect for Hotmail & Outlook is an Android app that allows users to access their Hotmail and Outlook accounts from their mobile device. The app provides a secure connection, allowing users to easily manage emails, contacts, calendars and tasks on the go. It also offers features such as push notifications for new email messages, account synchronization across multiple devices and support for attachments of up to 25MB in size. With Connect for Hotmail & Outlook, managing your inbox has never been easier!
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Connect for Hotmail and Outlook is an Android app that allows users to easily sync their Hotmail and Outlook accounts with their mobile device. With this app, users can access all of the features available on their desktop version of Microsoft’s email service directly from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. Connect for Hotmail and Outlook provides a simple way to keep up with emails, contacts, calendar events and more without having to switch between multiple apps or devices.

The app offers several useful features designed to make managing your inbox easier than ever before. For starters, it automatically syncs all incoming messages so you don’t have to manually check each account separately; instead they’re conveniently combined into one unified inbox viewable in the single Connect for Hotmail and Outlook interface. You also get push notifications when new mail arrives so you never miss an important message again! Additionally, there are options like “swipe-to-archive” which makes archiving emails a breeze as well as powerful search capabilities that allow you quickly find what you need within seconds no matter how many folders and subfolders are involved.

In addition to providing easy access and management tools for your existing accounts, Connect for Hotmail and Outlook also lets you add additional ones such as Gmail if desired – perfect if work requires using multiple services at once! Moreover its built-in security measures help protect user data by encrypting information sent over public networks while keeping private details safe behind two factor authentication protocols (if enabled). All these great features come together nicely in an intuitively laid out design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional – making it ideal choice anyone looking manage multiple email addresses efficiently right from their phone or tablet!



  1. Access to Hotmail and Outlook email accounts from a single app.
  2. Push notifications for incoming emails, calendar events, contacts etc.
  3. Support for multiple accounts in one place with the ability to switch between them easily.
  4. Ability to search through all of your emails quickly and efficiently using keywords or filters like date range, sender name etc..
  5. Easy access to folders such as Inbox, Drafts & Sent Items directly from the home page of the App so you can navigate quickly around your mailbox without having to open individual messages each time you want something specific .
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Pros & Cons:

  • Easy to use interface: The Connect for Hotmail & Outlook – android app provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to access your emails, contacts, calendar events and other important information quickly and easily.
  • Secure login: With the Connect for Hotmail & Outlook – android app you can be sure that your account is secure as all data is encrypted with industry standard encryption protocols. This ensures that no one else will have access to your personal information or emails without authorization from you first.
  • Push notifications: You will receive push notifications when new emails arrive in your inbox so you don’t miss any important messages while on the go!
  • Offline mode: The Connect for Hotmail & Outlook – android app also allows users to read their email even if they are not connected to the internet by enabling them to switch into an offline mode where previously downloaded content can still be accessed until reconnected online again later on down the line
  • The app has been reported to have some issues with syncing emails from multiple accounts, which can be frustrating for users who need access to all their email in one place.
  • It does not offer the same level of security as a desktop version and is vulnerable to hacking attempts that could lead to data loss or theft of personal information.
  • Some features are missing from the Android version compared to other platforms such as Windows Mobile and iOS, including support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol and Office 3integration.
  • There have also been reports of slow loading times when using the app on certain devices, leading some people to prefer alternative apps instead


Here are some common questions and answers about Connect for Hotmail & Outlook -:
  1. Q: What is Connect for Hotmail & Outlook -?
    • A: Connect for Hotmail & Outlook – is an Android app that allows users to access their Microsoft accounts on the go. It provides a convenient way to view emails, manage contacts, and stay up-to-date with calendar events from any device. The app also includes support for multiple accounts and push notifications so you never miss important messages or updates.
  2. Q: How do I install Connect for Hotmail & Outlook -?
    • A: To install the app, simply open the Google Play Store on your Android device and search “Connect for Hotmail & Outlook”. Tap “Install” and follow the instructions provided by Google Play Services in order to complete installation of the application onto your device.
  3. Q: Does this app work with other email providers besides Microsoft?
    • A: No, this application only works with Microsoft services such as Hotmail/Outlook mailboxes as well as Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) servers associated with these services. If you are looking to use another email provider then please refer to our list of compatible applications available through Google Play Store here [link].


The Connect for Hotmail & Outlook Android app is a great way to stay connected with your emails and contacts no matter where you are. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use, while the advanced features allow users to manage their accounts quickly and efficiently. With its ability to sync across multiple devices, this app is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs access to their email on the go.

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