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Compass for Android is a simple and easy to use compass app. It provides accurate directions with magnetic north, true north and bearing information. The intuitive design makes it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping or boating. It has an interactive map that shows your current location in real-time as well as nearby points of interest such as restaurants, gas stations and more. Additionally, the app includes a flashlight feature which can be used when navigating at night or in low light conditions. Compass for Android is free to download from the Google Play Store making it ideal for anyone looking for an efficient
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Compass for Android App Simple is a free and easy-to-use compass app designed specifically for Android devices. This app makes it easier than ever to find your way around, as it provides accurate direction readings with just the tap of a button. The user interface is straightforward and intuitive, allowing users to quickly get up and running without having to learn any complicated navigation techniques or terminology.

The Compass for Android App Simple utilizes GPS technology in order to provide precise location information that can be used by hikers, campers, sailors, pilots, geocachers and more. It also includes an interactive map feature which allows you to easily view nearby points of interest such as restaurants or gas stations while on the go. Additionally, this app has built-in support for Google Maps so you can use its satellite imagery when looking at locations from afar.

In addition to providing directional guidance via its digital compass display screen (which shows both true north/south directions), Compass for Android App Simple also offers several other features including altitude tracking capabilities; speedometer readings; sunrise/sunset times; moon phases; tide charts; weather forecasts; searchable POIs (points of interests); shareable routes and tracks with friends over social media networks like Facebook and Twitter etc.; ability save favorite places within the application itself so they are available offline even if there’s no internet connection present ;and much more!

With all these great features packed into one convenient package – plus regular updates released by developers – this versatile tool will help make sure you never lose your bearings again!



  1. Easy to use: Compass for Android App Simple is designed with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use without any prior knowledge or experience.
  2. Accurate readings: It provides accurate readings of the direction you are facing, as well as the current location coordinates (latitude/longitude).
  3. Magnetic field indicator: The app also features a magnetic field indicator which shows how strong the magnetic fields around your device are at any given time. This can be used to help determine if there might be interference from other sources such as power lines or buildings near by when taking compass readings in certain areas.
  4. Map integration :The app also has an integrated map feature which allows users to view their current location on a map along with directions they need to follow in order reach their destination quickly and easily.
  5. Compass calibration : The app includes an automatic calibration tool which helps ensure that all compass readings taken using this application will always provide reliable results regardless of where you may be located geographically speaking

Pros & Cons:

  • Easy to use and navigate: The Compass for Android App Simple is designed with a simple user interface that makes it easy to find your way around the app quickly, without any complicated menus or options.
  • Accurate readings: This compass uses GPS technology in order to provide accurate direction readings even when you’re out of range from cell towers or other sources of signal interference.
  • Multiple map views: You can choose between different types of maps such as satellite view, street view, terrain view and more so you can get an idea about where you are going before setting off on your journey.
  • Customizable settings: With this app, you have the ability to customize various settings like tracking speed and accuracy level according to your preferences so that it works best for what you need it for at any given time.
  • Compass calibration feature :The built-in compass calibration feature helps ensure that all directions provided by the application are true north oriented which increases its reliability significantly
  • Limited features compared to other navigation apps available on the market, such as Google Maps and Waze.
  • No ability to search for specific locations or addresses without manually entering coordinates into the app’s interface.
  • User reviews indicate that Compass for Android App Simple is prone to crashing or freezing when using it in certain areas with poor cellular reception or GPS signal strength.
  • The user interface can be confusing and difficult to navigate, making it hard for new users to figure out how the app works quickly and easily


Here are some common questions and answers about Compass for Android App Simple:
  1. Q: What is Compass for Android App Simple?
    • A: Compass for Android App Simple is a free, easy-to-use compass app that allows you to quickly and accurately determine your direction with the help of GPS. It features an intuitive interface and provides real time magnetic north readings as well as true north readings. The app also includes a map view so you can see where you are in relation to other points on the globe.


The Compass for Android App Simple is a great app to help users navigate their way around the world. It provides accurate and reliable directions, as well as detailed maps of different locations. The app also has features such as night mode, which can be used in low light conditions or when using GPS indoors. Additionally, it includes an augmented reality feature that allows users to view 3D images of landmarks and other points of interest from all angles. This makes navigating unfamiliar places much easier than ever before. Overall, this is a great tool for anyone who needs assistance getting around on foot or by car!

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